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Honor your mind-body connection with Bonnie’s personalized recommendations and resources to improve your wellness. You’ll feel empowered with the education and motivation to make better choices.

Experience Wellness



I am grateful I was introduced to BG Health | Beauty in 2020 right when the COVID-19 pandemic happened. 

I start each day with BG Hot Shot and BG Peace of Heaven and end my day with

a cup of tea infused with BG sea moss gel.


Incorporating these products into my daily routine, I swear that’s what has kept my family

and I safe and healthy during this pandemic. 

Thank you BG HEALTH | BEAUTY! 

Melisa Crawford

Bonnie Geronimo is not your typical beauty stylist.


She works with your mind, body AND soul when you have any service with her. I always feel

completely renewed after I receive a haircut, herbal remedy or massage!


I highly recommend BG HEALTH I BEAUTY!

Anita Kopacz

BG Health remedies are unbelievable!


The juices come fresh and taste great and the quality is unsurpassed. Not only do I recommend the juices,

I also highly recommend the Immune Boosters.


I can guarantee you that you will feel and see a difference in your body/health right away.

I always feel energized after drinking BG's juice and immune boosters.


The absolute best is that everything is all natural remedies and the service is impeccable. 

Clarissa Evans

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