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Haus of Healing

Designed to mirror today’s demand on wellness, BG HEALTH | BEAUTY has redefined beauty to equal health. A concept created by top stylist and seer, Bonnie Geronimo-Jackson, BG HEALTH | BEAUTY is a magical place of healing and high-end hair care. 



Be Our Guest

At BG HEALTH | BEAUTY, we provide a space of healing from the inside out. To us, beauty is an extension of wellness which is why we offer an array of health products and beauty services under one roof. 


Catch A Vibe

The 1800 sq ft space is designed to awaken your consciousness with welcoming scents, beautiful art and imagery, and the highest quality of services. Bonnie’s personality touches every corner with hand picked items that encourage you to explore your surroundings, awaken your highest being, and to find peace.


Let Your
Hair Down

The shop's unique design concept nods to today’s increasing emphasis on health. By creating wellness products, Bonnie was able to extend her hair salon to match her holistic lifestyle and healing abilities. Features such as a juice bar, Wifi & charging stations, privacy doors and a backyard oasis make this new shop a destination for guests to relax and radiate from the inside out. 

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